An Open letter to Gideon Levi of Ha’aretz on the Muslim & Jew Tour: Beyond Israel- and his reply

Republished- in Redress – why we need the Dear Mr Levy, If you could, would you come to hear what the speakers on our Muslin & Jew Tour have to say? We believe that Israel has no right to exist; that Palestine must prevail; that all Israelis must learn… Continue reading

Why Zionists Are not Jews (Discussion paper)

The discussion paper at centres around Gregson’s campaign to get Edinburgh twinned with Gaza City, and the Israeli/ Tory plans to prevent this- and an email exchange with David Collier, a rabid Zionist. (Had the City of Edinburgh Council Policy Committee meeting ignored the Israeli authorities and decided that… Continue reading

Starmer denies Israel is apartheid, then tells Ben Soffa, Head of Labour Digital and PSC Secretary, to remove You-tube conference motion supporting Palestine

Labour Leader Sir Keith Starmer board admits that he is bringing his children up to follow Israel. Read Redress online “UK Labour leader Starmer denies Israel is an apartheid state. Tell him he’s wrong: Do not vote Labour in 5 May 2022 local elections” which concludes: “If you care about… Continue reading